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The Kagaya Hotel

 1,200 years ago, on the Noto Peninsula, in the western Foothills of Mt. Yakushi, the Wakura Hot Springs were discovered. In 1906, Yokichiro Oda founded The Kagaya Hotel, part of the eminent Wakura Hot Spa Resort (ranked #1 among the 12,000 hot spring resorts in the Japan since 1981). The Kagaya Hotel has proven its commitment to excellence by being voted the most popular Ryokan-style hotel consecutiely since 1981. So great is Kagaya's renown for its beauty, quality, and service that it has earned the patronage of the Japanese Royal Family.

 At the Kagaya Hotel, all the elegance and beauty of Japan surrounds you. The lovely indoor and outdoor gardens offer tranquility all year round. The hotel is graced with a multi-million dollar collection of traditional Japanese artwork. Nothing can compare with the serene beauty of the view overlooking Nanao Bay, a masterpiece in itself.

 The Kagaya Hotel provides you with an opportunity to relax and experience the best of Japan. We sincerely hope tht you enjoy your stay.