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1, An Invitation to Japan's hidden corners
Luxury travel has a strong focus on the aesthetic principles of culture, cuisine and hospitality, the three main themes of this year's conference. The four distinguished guest speakers will discuss concepts and ideas that will enable Ishikawa and other areas of Japan to promote themselves as a potential luxury destination for some of the world's most discerning travelers.

2, Introducing the culture and beauty of Ishikawa
Our ultimate goal is not merely to attracting luxury travelers. We hope that through interacting with experienced travelers, the local tourism industry will have the opportunity to actively introduce Ishikawa's traditional arts and crafts, culture and cuisine to a wider more international audience leading to new sophisticated results for future generations. An increase in the number of luxury travelers will also have benefits for the local economy.

Through the four guest speakers, who have considerable experience in offering valued services and products, the forum will gain new insights into this market while reassessing what Ishikawa Prefecture has to offer.