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ILLF Declaration

We declare that we will endeavor to develop Ishikawa into a place where everyone regardless of background can enjoy a fulfilling life: a life complemented by the culture and customs that local inhabitants have nurtured over Ishikawa's long history.

We will commit ourselves to developing a luxury life-experience that attracts discerning travelers who wish to experience authentic Japan with the aim of making Ishikawa a first choice destination within Japan. In order to achieve this we will specifically carry out the following;

1, Reassess and recognize the uniqueness of Ishikawa and the significance of its culture and traditional crafts on a global scale.

2, Engage actively in promotional campaigns both inside and outside Japan with an aim to making luxury tourism an important part of the local economy.

3, Aim to provide a level of service and hospitality that meets the highest of luxury standards.

4, Implement cross-industrial and outreach developments with Ishikawa's tourist providers based upon the skills and knowledge of the local residents.

5, Develop infrastructure and training in Ishikawa and Hokuriku so that travelers are provided with a unique experience and can enjoy the hospitality of the Ishikawa people.

The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee
I'cinqs Limited, Asadaya Co., Ltd., Usric Co., Ltd., Crowne Plaza ANA KANAZAWA, Araya totoan, The Kagaya Hotel, The Kayotei, Kinjyoro Co., Ltd., Zeniya Co., Ltd., Daiwa Taxi Co., Ltd., Tadaya, Hotel Nikko Kanazawa, Beniya Mukayu, magellan resorts & trust inc., MEDIA RAG CORPORATION, Yubeshi Souhonke Nakauraya, Ishikawa Prefecture Government, Kanazawa City Government

The original draft of ILLF Decralation 2010 can be downloaded
>>ILLF Declaration (PDF)