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The 2nd International Luxury Lifestyle forum, hosted by The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee, will be held at Ishikawa Music Hall on February 27th with the following four distinguished guest speakers: Alan Ducasse, Michelin three-star restaurant chef; Horst Schulze, founding president of The Ritz Carlton; Mamoru Nakagawa, living national treasure; and Alexander Gelman, super designer.

The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee, represented by Yoshihiko Oda and Shinichiro Takagi and based in Kanazawa City, aims to promote Ishikawa's natural and cultural assets in order to establish the area as an international tourist destination focusing on the luxury market. At the same time, we aim to improve the awareness of the local tourist industry as to the needs of discerning overseas travelers.

Dat 27th of February, 2010
Time 13:00p.m.-17:00p.m.
Place Hougaku Hall in Ishikawa Music Hall
20-1 Showa-machi, Kanazawa, Japan
TEL +81-(0)76-232-8111
Speakers Mr. Horst Schulze
Mr. Mamoru Nakagawa
Mr. Alexander Gelman
Chef. Alain Ducasse
Mr. Shinichiro Takagi
Moderator Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange

13:00-13:2020Opening Ceremony
13:20-14:25 65 The Essence of Hospitality Spoken by the world’s foremost hotelier
Speaker : Mr. Horst Schulze
Moderator : Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange
14:40-15:3050 Panel Discussion - The Value of Ishikawa’s Traditional Arts and Crafts -
Panelist : Mr. Mamoru Nakagawa, Mr. Alexander Gelman
Coordinator : Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange
15:45-16:40 65 Panel Discussion - The Art and Philosophy of Luxury Cuisine -
Speaker : Chef. Alain Ducasse, Mr. Shinichiro Takagi
Moderator : Mr. Paul Noritaka Tange
16:40  Closing Ceremony

Opening Address

On behalf of The Real Japan Ishikawa Committee, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of those involved in hosting the 2nd International Luxury Lifestyle Forum.
With its historic heritage, unspoiled countryside, and famous cuisine, I believe Ishikawa is an ideal travel luxury destination. Discerning travelers can experience sophisticated Kaga cuisine showcasing fresh local produce, traditional arts and crafts, historic temples, gardens and castles, renowned hot spring resorts with superb ryokan offering legendary Japanese hospitality, the unspoiled picturesque landscapes of rugged coastlines, beautiful mountains and valleys, all leading to an unforgettable trip.
It is important to formulate strategies and practical steps to prepare Ishikawa as such a future destination. Specifically, we need to reassess the spirit of Japanese hospitality, ometenashi, and to look to build an infrastructure to accommodate future guests.
I truly believe this conference based on the three concepts of cuisine, hospitality, and arts and craft will be able to offer you new insights to Ishikawa Prefecture and its potential in the luxury travel market, and we can look forward to an increase in the number of luxury travelers to Ishikawa in the near future.

The Real Japan Ishikawa Committee Chairman
Shinichiro Takagi, Yoshihiko Oda


On behalf of Ishikawa Prefecture I would like to give a heartfelt welcome to all the guests of the 2nd International Luxury Lifestyle Forum. Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with beautiful locations, a diversity of authentic Japanese tradition, as well as being a Japanese cultural and artistic cornerstone fostered by more than 400 years of history: famous among them Kanazawa City, one of Japan's foremost castle towns; sophisticated Kaga cuisine; a unique range of arts and crafts; the picturesque seasonal landscapes of the Kaga area and Noto Peninsula; and the traditional ryokan inns whose hot spring baths have soothed weary travelers for hundreds of years. I believe that this variety of Ishikawa's offerings will appeal to luxury travelers seeking an authentic Japan experience. I hope this 2nd International Luxury Lifestyle Forum held in Ishikawa Prefecture, a microcosm of real Japan, will pave the way for promoting the best that Japan has to offer, leading to an expansion of the luxury travel market in Ishikawa's tourism industry.

Vice Governor, Ishikawa Prefecture
Taketoshi Sugimoto


Hiroshi Mizohata

I would like to express my admiration for the 2nd International Luxury Lifestyle Forum, held in Ishikawa Prefecture, home to numerous tourism attractions including a famous culinary culture, and traditional arts and crafts. I consider it very signicant that a conference of this nature is held in Ishikawa Prefecture with its unique oerings for the discerning traveler. I would also like to thank The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee, led by Chairman Shinichiro Takagi and Yoshihiko Oda, and all those involved in the forum. The Japan Tourism Agency aims to increase the number of travelers to Japan to 15 million by the year 2013, and 30 million thereafter. In order to achieve this, we will carry out a large promotional campaign abroad. We will place particular emphasis on the luxury travel market as it can enhance Japan's brand image and make a signicant economic contribution. In conjunction with local governments, we plan to further carry out the Visit Japan Campaign and internationalize Japan's local regions so that they will be revitalized.

Commissioner, Japan Tourism Agency
Hiroshi Mizohata


Horst Schulze Horst Schulze

Born in Germany, Horst Schulze was just 11 years old when he announced his intent to work in a hotel. His steady ascent in the industry took him to management positions with Hilton, Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton, where he was appointed its executive vice president in 1987 and president and COO a year later. Schulze has revolutionized the hotel industry, altering the very nature of customer service by creating a culture of "We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen." A charismatic leader and entrepreneur with an intimate understanding of market demands, he has created a legion of loyal customers by raising the bar for customer service expectations to unprecedented levels. Currently chairman and CEO of The West Places Hotel Group, Schulze is launching the newest standard in luxury hotels: Solis Hotels and Resorts and Capella Hotels and Resorts. Capella Niseko is scheduled to open in Hokkaido in 2010.

Mamoru Nakagawa Mamoru Nakagawa

Born in Kanazawa, Mamoru Nakagawa studied industrial design at the Kanazawa College of Arts. Three years after graduating, however, his encounter with Kaga inlay at an art museum represented a watershed in his life. He apprenticed for 5 years under the Kaga inlay master Kaishu Takahashi, who passed his expertise on to him. Nakagawa is a distinguished successor to the generations of Kanazawa craftsmen who have kept alive "Kaga Zogan," the highly refined metal working tradition of the region since their heyday in the Edo period. He specializes in a sophisticated form of hirazogan (flat inlay) in which different metals and alloys are inlaid into each other to build up multi-colored decorative patterns. His commitment to excellence in both his design and his mastery of this complicated technique earned him the honor of being designated a "living national treasure" in 2004.

Alexander Gelman Alexander Gelman

Listed as one of "the world's most influential modern and contemporary artists in all media" by the New York's Museum of Modern Art in 2001, Alexander Gelman operates out of New York, London and Tokyo. His collaborations with artisans, musicians, companies and institutions include projects ranging from product development and publishing to exhibitions, events, and consulting, as well as directing brand and advertising campaigns, TV commercials and music videos. His collaborations include projects with Apple, Nike, Target, Warp Records, United Airlines and most recently a group of Yamanaka lacquerware and Kutani porcelain artisans in Ishikawa Prefecture. His work is represented in permanent museum collections, including the Smithsonian, the New York's MoMA and Bibliothèque nationale de France. Gelman also serves as a guest professor with Yale and MIT Media Lab. He is the bestselling author of "Subtraction" (2000), "Infiltrate" (2004), and most recently, "Postglobal" (2009), published exclisively in Japanese the book is offering a unique perspective on Japanese culture.

Alain Ducasse Alain Ducasse

As a chef, creator of restaurants, innkeeper and instructor, over the course of twenty-five years, Alain Ducasse has developed unique know-how that is expressed through many activities in the art of contemporary good eating and good living.He runs his business in a spirit of sharing of a passion,and transmission of knowledge. With hisconstant curiosity, he is always drawing on the diversity of the world and its cultural richness.

Paul Noritaka Tange Paul Noritaka Tange

Paul Noritaka Tange -President of Tange Associates-
Born in Tokyo in 1958, Paul Noritaka Tange began his architectural career upon receiving his Master in Architecture from Harvard University, Graduate School of Design in 1985. That same year he joined Kenzo Tange Associates, the architectural firm headed by his father, well known international architect, Kenzo Tange. Paul became President of Kenzo Tange Associates in 1997 and founded Tange Associates in 2003. Paul exemplifies the international element of his practice. Born in Tokyo, Japan, and educated in Japan, Switzerland and the US, he is a registered architect of both Japan and Singapore.
Photo. (c)Yoshihiko Ueda


ILLF 2010 Official Guide (PDF:659KB)