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The Real Japan

We believe that one of the best way to stimulate the tourism industry of Ishikawa is inviting travelers from overseas, especially luxury travelers.

Ishikawa has abundant tourism resources which can offer to travelers from all over the world, such as an elegant food culture as typified by Kaga cuisine, traditional arts and crafts, well-known hot spring resorts,

historical sights, nature and rural landscapes.

However these are unknown by foreign travelers compared to other destinations In Japan, such as Kyoto.

There are two problems welcoming foreign travelers to Ishikawa.

First, lack of information about Ishikawa. Information about Ishikawa which foreign travelers can access from overseas is extremely limited.

Second, insufficient infrastructure and skills of local staff. A local people do not have enough understanding about “luxury market” and “standard of luxury travelers” because of their limited life experiences.

We would like to hold International Luxury Lifestyle Forum as a starting point of the understanding and awareness-rising of luxury market.

The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee
Chairman Hyoue Tsuchiya